Thank you for visiting my website. I really hope you liked and enjoyed my pictures! I am Sebastien and I am doing photography for few years now, as a passion. I enjoy catching lights during all my travels. Especially in the early morning and late evening when the skies take all the magnificent colors.

This passion has started when I came back home after one of my first travel abroad, in Botswana. During this safari trip I shot only with my smartphone and felt quite limited to catch the wonders and the wildlife I witnessed with my eyes. So, once home, I decided to purchase my very first camera. And since then, I always have a camera with me when travelling around the world.

Growing up in the back country of France, makes me always appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature surrounding me. And through a camera, my main goal is to capture a light, a place, or anything from the beauties and diversities that she offers us, to show everyone these wonders.

I also realized photography has driven me to travel to some places that I, otherwise, probably wouldn’t have to. Unless it was my travels that develop this passion for photography?

Otherwise, when not in an airplane, a rental car, writing this page, or hiking somehere – far or close from home – you can find me behind 2 or 3 screens doing some IT engineering stuff.

Let’s connect and feel free to use my contact page to reach me. I will answer you as soon as I can.